Outsidethebubble.net is a fresh, radical, centre-left blog looking at current political and economic issues independent of the neo-liberal/Westminster mindset. It tries to address topics with a fresh mind, not following any particular party line but particularly interested in the technical, scientific underpinnings of the matter. By investigating novel and creative approaches to a subject we hope to come up with different ways of progressing. New policies must be compared with the existing ones by analysing carefully the real economic costs. Above all we are motivated by the need to find approaches which are fundamentally fairer so that we can find routes to redress of the substantial unfairness and inequalities that are all so pervasive today.

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The editor is Craig Mackay. He has a background in physical and biological sciences including computer systems, high-speed electronics and modern optics. He is based in East Anglia, and probably will be until he is repatriated to his native Scotland after a hard Brexit.