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Outsidethebubble.net is a fresh, radical, centre-left blog looking at current political and economic issues independent of the neo-liberal/Westminster mindset. It is strongly illuminated by a scientific background, analysing claims by politicians (almost never scientists) for their accuracy. Many of the postings will be concerned with the urgent need to address inequality in our society and what can be done practically to make it more fair, better balanced and appealing to the electorate on all sides.

As Labour begins to articulate its policies words are not enough. Many of the posts here are intended to provide an in-depth assessment of the problems and solutions we need to develop. Wherever possible hard numbers need to be brought out and understood. Getting the numbers right is the best defence against the inevitable attacks and criticisms.

Constructive comments are encouraged, and postings from other contributors will be considered seriously, though the editors decision is final, of course. Both comments and contributions will enable policies to be developed and improved so they might guide future strategies of a centre-left government.

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